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Direct Mail & Fulfillment

Our database management consists of the latest technology and software to provide extensive data processing services. As the core of modern mailing services, data processing is the first step to high quality mail processing. Our data processing services include:

Merge-purge, duplicate elimination
Carrier route coding (to achieve the best postal rates
for large concentrated mailings)
Appending zip+4 and barcode
National Change Of Address (NCOA)
Upper/lower case conversion
Label Printing
Laser personalization

We offer complete fulfillment services with direct labeling/inkjet technology, pre-sort standard mailing capabilities and multi-component inserting. We are also accustomed to hand-assembly work. We can assist you on layout and design of your direct mail projects that will meet postal requlations and pontentially save you thousands of dollars on postage.

Our shipping department is fully capable of packing and shipping multi-component orders within the United States and abroad. Domestic shipments are handled through UPS, FedEx, Common Carrier or USPS.

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